Channel 4 Distribution today announces three deals for the sale of multiple Channel 4 titles to other UK broadcasters.

The deals include a number of series of River Cottage (Keo Films) and Jamie Oliver series(Fresh One Productions) to UKTV; and series 1-7 of Scrapheap Challenge and Scrapheap Challenge: The Scrappy Races (RDF Television) to Discovery Networks’ Quest. These build on the recent deal for a package of London based programmes to London Live including series 1-6 of Made in Chelsea (Monkey Kingdom), Ali G (TalkBack) and Drop the Dead Donkey (Hat Trick Productions).

Holly Newey, UK Secondary Sales Manager, Channel 4 said ”We’re really pleased to build on our existing relationships with these great broadcasters by matching them to iconic Channel 4 shows, extending the audiences of these popular series even further.”

Channel 4 recently announced the launch of a brand new TV programme sales website which features the rich mix of content the broadcaster offers for sale to other channels in the UK and Ireland.





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