A Tale of Two Chinas

China has an increasing impact on the UK. The 'Peking pound' helps support the British housing and education markets, Chinese hunger for haute couture accounted for a third of the spending in 2010 London Christmas sales, and almost half of London's Canary Wharf apartments are Chinese owned. There are more foreign students in the UK from China than anywhere else, but they can find it hard to comprehend British culture. This is where Anglo-Chinese businesswoman Carrie Waley comes in. Carrie came to the UK from Beijing and now runs a strict, straight-talking finishing school for Chinese students eager to learn British customs, take on the 'correct' etiquette, fashion and business persona, and snap up the top international jobs. This film follows Carrie back to Beijing as she revisits the places of her childhood and hears her mother talk about their family's humiliation and persecution during the Cultural Revolution for the first time, and asks if China too can reconcile past and present.


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  • 1 x 30mins Available in HD
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KEO Films
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