Don't Tell The Bride

The hit show where grooms plan and organise their wedding in just a matter of weeks. Contact between bride and groom is strictly off limits, with the men overseeing every little detail, from the flowers to the cake, the venue, and the all-important wedding dress. It's more than some grooms can handle and more than some brides can take, as they relinquish control of the most important day of their life. The grooms have £14,000 and just three weeks to plan the dream day for their wife-to-be. But will the brides be saying I Do, or I Don't, once they see what's planned for their special day?


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Entertainment & Lifestyle, Factual Entertainment
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  • Series 1: 18 x 60mins Available in HD
  • Series 2: 30 x 60mins Available in HD
Production company
Renegade Pictures
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