Extreme Cake Makers

Rufus Hound takes an irreverent look at the world of extreme cake making, where sugar craft specialists up and down the country dream up ever more elaborate ways to satisfy our sweet tooth. From a solar system made of sponge, to edible steel statues and life sized fondant swans, this is the cutting edge of cake. But it's not all buttercream; one slip of the knife or a soggy sponge can mean a caketastrophe! So turn the oven to gas mark 6 and get your cake fork ready, we're inviting you into the kitchen to get a taste of what it's really like to create, bake and make extreme cakes.


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Entertainment & Lifestyle
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  • Series 1: 15 x 30mins Available in HD
  • Series 2: 30 x 30mins Available in HD
  • Series 3: 30 x 30mins Available in HD
  • Series 4: 30 x 30mins Available in HD
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Two Four Productions
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