Scheiffer Bates: I Con

Scheiffer Bates is a man of many voices. In this hidden camera show, the rising online star is let loose on the streets of Britain, to convince members of the public that they're actually having a conversation with an incredible celebrity. Scheiffer puts his impressions to the test in a series of wild pranks: Christopher Walken gets his foot stuck in a toilet, Matthew McConaughey tries his luck with booking a massage and Jason Statham makes a personal injury claim. Elsewhere, Liam Neeson is looking for a dog walker for his pet with a very particular set of needs, Game of Thrones character Jon Snow tries to impress at a blindfolded speed-dating event, while Bear Grylls takes on an extreme adventure... in a park bin.


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Episode details
  • 1 x 30mins Available in HD
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Princess Productions
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