The Circle

Reality experiment that asks what does it really mean to be popular online and how do you make it happen?

A reality show for the social media age, The Circle’s players move into the same building but never meet. Vying to win a cash prize of up to fifty thousand pounds, they communicate via a social media platform - where the only thing they’ll see of each other is what they choose to share. Players may portray themselves as a totally different person or simply be themselves to be liked, to become an Influencer and to win. Timely and provocative, this boldly innovative series asks questions about modern identity and how we portray ourselves.

Series 1 is presented by Maya Jama and Alice Levine and series 2 is presented by Emma Willis.


Programme details

Factual Entertainment
Episode details
  • Series 1: 29 x 60mins Available in HD
  • Series 2: 23 x 60mins Available in HD
Production company
Studio Lambert
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