The Great British Germ Hunt

All around us, in every aspect of our daily lives, exists an invisible eco-system of bacteria, viruses and other microscopic species. Now the race is on to explore the furthest reaches of the microbial world and discover all the ways in which it matters - before it's too late and we lose it forever. In June 2017 a global consortium of the world's leading scientists embarked on an epic and ambitious project to produce microbial maps of cities around the world. These maps will reveal, for the first time ever, the thousands of invisible bacteria, viruses and other microscopic species with which we share our daily lives. What they find in our cities, our public transport systems, our homes, our schools, our offices, our shopping centres will change the way we think about the invisible world around us for ever.


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  • 1 x 60mins Available in HD
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Tigress Productions
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