The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort

In 2016, in an extraordinary summer in which Britain voted to leave the EU, Spain welcomed over 10 million Brits on holiday - two million more than the year before. With access to the largest all-inclusive resort on the Costa del Sol, this programme observes the quirks of the British holidaymaker. From getting towels on the loungers to consuming up to 6000 calories a day at the all-you-can-eat buffet, The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort follows Brits taking a break in the sun. There's also the staff, who cater to every need of the 3000 guests, providing four tonnes of bacon and five tonnes of chips per week. The programme meets the Lloyd family, from Northampton, including 12-year-old Danny, whose singing and dancing proves a hit at the aqua fit class. With the average British family spending only 36 minutes together each day, the Wades from Southend hope to bond via the resort's all-inclusive entertainment, but will the kids stop bickering? And James and Leanne from Preston battle the crowds during the morning stampede for the pool.


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  • Series 1: 2 x 60mins Available in HD
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Lion Television
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