Four-part comedy-drama set in parallel universes. Milo Edwards (George Webster) is horrified to discover at his best friend Danny Gates' (Blake Harrison) engagement party, that he has been overlooked as his best man. They've been best friends forever, but they hardly ever hang out nowadays. Milo thinks it's all because of Danny's fiancée Kate (Georgina Campbell), but actually Danny's sick of Milo's refusal to grow up. Devastated, Milo consumes a bag of magic mushrooms in the toilet and bids Danny farewell for good. He stumbles home and rolls a joint. Suddenly a man with a massive sword materialises in mid-air above his coffee table - it's Danny, but a different Danny, in armour and with a beard. Milo thinks it's all a big trip (this kind of thing happens to him all the time), but next thing a terrifying and very real shaven-headed assassin, Callum (Richard Gadd), appears and tries to kill them both. A wounded Danny manages to kill Callum but disappears into thin air, leaving Milo with a dead body on his bedroom floor and only the word 'Goldenmire' as a clue to this madness. Milo calls the real Danny for help and, while playing around with a wristband they find on Callum's arm, they are both inadvertently thrown into a parallel world where everything seems drastically different. The only chance that either of them has of getting home is to find another wristband. If that weren't complicated enough, it turns out that Callum is in this world too and still wants to kill them...


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  • Series 1: 4 x 60mins Available in HD
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Mammoth Screen
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