World of Weird

A team of intrepid reporters - including Joel Dommett, Ayo Akinwolere, Vicky Pattison and Brent Zillwood from The Undateables - present outlandish, extraordinary and unbelievable people, situations and phenomena from around the world. In the first episode, Joel travels to Australia's Gold Coast, to meet Pricasso: the world's only artist to paint with his penis; and Joel has a go himself. In Texas, Ayo meets members of America's vampire community, including self-styled vampire king Michael, and his 'black swan' Blut, who lets him drink her blood. Also in America, there's Chico, Jackie and Jeff's pet capybara; how good a house pet is the world's largest rodent? (Not very) And Vicky goes to Tokyo to be a zentai. There are more than 3000 zentai in Tokyo, who dress in full body lycra and frolic about. And it takes a saucy turn...


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Factual Entertainment
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  • Series 1: 6 x 60mins Available in HD
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Lion Television
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