Youngers is a original comedy drama series about a group of sixteen year old kids in South London trying to make it in the UK Urban music scene. An ambitious and innovative take on the aspirational drama, we follow Jay, Yemi, Davina and their mentor, Ashley, as they deal with growing up while struggling to break into the industry.

We join our group at a pivotal moment in young lives: they’re leaving school after GCSE’s. Jay and Yemi are childhood friends who seem to be heading in different directions. Jay’s carefree, impulsive nature means his future looks bleak. Yemi’s straight-edged discipline has earned him a place at a posh college – which is where we meet the headstrong and witty, Davina. As a female vocalist/MC, she seems to be the perfect final ingredient but may prove to be the reason things fall apart. As our trio navigate the music world, they all have their own issues to face; Jay fears working 9-5 on a building site with his dad if the group doesn’t make it; Davina uses the abrasive energy of the music to rebel against her middle class upbringing; Yemi tries to balance the pressure of college work and a strict home life with his place in the group. And then there is Ashley who is fresh from his prison release and determined not to return to his old ways. He wants to keep his nose clean to support his pregnant girlfriend and unborn child. But the roads can be a trap when you’re trying to break out.


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Drama, Comedy
Episode details
  • Series 1: 8 x 30mins Available in HD
  • Series 2: 8 x 30mins
Production company
Big Talk Productions
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